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"Optimum Nutrition is The Medicine of Tomorrow"

Linus Pauling - BioChemist



Hale Health Clinic was set up by Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) and personal trainer Simon Edwards, passionate about health, nutrition, strength and happiness. Throughout the years, Simon's focus has always remained consistent; Hale Health Clinic is here to help people achieve their healthiest self and combat long standing health issues. This is done through varying nutritional testing and assessment to identify any underlying issues and understand the best course of action for each client through custom nutrition consultation and plans. Hale Health Clinic works closely with a range of doctors, physio therapists and functional medical doctors to ensure that every client receives the right treatment for their needs. 

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  • Optimum Health Counseling

  • Nutritional Deficiency Testing (Organic Acid Test)

  • Gut Dysbiosis Testing

  • Long Standing Health Condition Management - e.g, IBS, Reflux, Skin Conditions, Digestional Issues

  • Weight Loss Counselling

  • Sports Nutrition Education

  • Food Sensitivity and Allergy Management

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  • Weight Loss Training

  • Muscle Tone Improvement

  • Strength & Muscle Building/Hypotrophy

  • Sport Specific Training - e.g. Rugby, Tennis, Swimming

  • Rehabilitation from Injury or Surgery

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Ingrid M - 50's - Business Owner

I went to see Simon after seeing the excellent results of a friend who went to see him. We discussed my goals of losing weight, eating healthily and getting fit. I have been with Si just over a year and I have lost over a stone quite a few inches and have transformed my eating habits. Si is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about food and nutrition. I thought I had quite a healthy diet but I was wrong. I have enjoyed trying new foods and new recipes and am looking forward to trying lots more



Simon has always been passionate about health and fitness, playing rugby semi professionally from a young age and having a strong belief that food is the best medicine! Nutrition has been an integral part of both his own training and health as well as in his career. 

Simon started by studying Sport & Exercise Science as his undergraduate degree and since then has gone on to study multiple courses to further his education and expertise in the field, Simon is passionate about continuous professional development to ensure he is at the forefront of latest practices in both nutrition and fitness.   

Simon went on to study his Masters degree in Human Nutrition and is a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition with a place on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists. 

Nutrition is an integral part of all of his clients journeys to optimum health. 

Qualifications and CPD


MSc Human Nutrition (AfN Accredited Qualification) 

BSc (hons) Sport & Exercise Science 
Level 3 Personal Trainer 

Body Fat Reduction Biosignature Practitioner (2010)

Doug Heel Level 1 Accupressure Muscle Activation practitioner (2011)

Stu McGill's Preventing & Rehabilitating Back injuries (2011)

Phil Learney-Advanced Nutritional Strategies 1 (2012)

Phil Learney-Advanced Nutritional Strategies 2 (2013)

Clive Brewers-(head of S&C UK) 1 day Olympic Lifting (2014)

Phil Learney-Business Development (2014)

Phil Learney-Contest Prep (2015)

Mark Coles-Fat Loss & Muscle Build Theory Day (2015)

Mind Calm-Mindfullness Meditation (2015)

Healthy Recipes-Michelin Star Chef cookery course (2015)

Speaker at "Raising the Bar Masters Training Camp" with other experts in the field of nutrition, supplementation, performance psychology, movement and mobility.  



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